Wrap-Up Next 0691-FD Dual Face Suspension Mount E (red/60.8-64.0mm)

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As the name Dual Face suggests, this is a newly designed suspension mount that can be mounted on both sides.

The standard assembly has the same height as a typical suspension mount.
The inverted set achieves a 4mm reduction.

It expands the setting range of roll center and skid angle with unprecedented freedom.

Compatible with YD-2 suspension mount standard chassis (RDX/YD-2/TRAVIS 2, etc.).

Please use YOKOMO B8-301BSA for the suspension mount bush.

Proof of compatibility with both sides. Laser marking is also included on the reversing mounting surface.

Example of inverted installation of dual face suspension mount C Reversed installation of suspension mount C is only compatible with chassis width of the suspension mount attachment part within 36mm.