Furitek Momentum V2 COMBO 20A/40A Brushless Sensorless ESC & Bluetooth for Drift/Race

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 V2 Aluminum case WITH Bluetooth module

-Supports brushless DC and brushed DC motor (Configuration via app. Default is brushless.)
-Designed for Micro Car 1/24, 1/27, 1/28 2WD or AWD or RWD
-5.5V-1.5A Built-in BEC
-Mini size and light weight
-Super easy programming via App on Android and IOS
-Firmware update available (Bluetooth module required.)
-Real-time telemetry up to 10Hz
-Supports AAA batteries and 2s liPo battieres with automatic battery type recognition capability
-Professional parameter setup for many race tracks
-3 running modes suitable for different types of RC cars

-Dimension with case (mm): 25(L)x18.5(W)
-Weight: approx. 9.0g
-Battery types: 4 AAA NiMH/2s liPo/ 2s LiOn
-Motor type: Sensorless Brushless DC / Brushed DC
-BEC output: 5.5V/1.5A
-Constant Current : 20A
-Burst Current : 40A
-Waterproof: NO