How We Got Started


      Dedicated to all things RC, this avid hobbyist started the scene with gas powered outdoor buggy racing in 2013 and eventually made a name  learning 1:10 drift at the legendary Drift Lab Circuit in Miami. Competing and titling at different bases from Dori Lounge, Orlando to Streetbreak, Tampa and even annual events like 1-Ten Drift, Tennessee this Content Creator's love for the hobby and love for the RC community inspired the YouTube channel RC Supremacy to become what it is today, a hot spot for RC product reviews like Carry All RC's grab-and-go backpack, collaborations with major hitters in the game like Make It RC and Dark Dragon Wing RC, and roadtrip adventures to must-attend events like the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo. The channel also features time-lapsed kit builds and custom paint projects as personality meets passion in RC- as his motto suggests, "LOOK WHAT RC DID TO ME."

     Brad, a Florida native, grew up in professional motocross racing at the age of four, dabbled in multiple self-made businesses as an adolescent, and worked the management corporate scene in hospitality before finding himself on YouTube. He considers himself "a man of flavors" enjoying fishing, photography and design, baking, biking and of course, watching YouTube. He is currently listening to "The Four Hour Work Week" on Audible. He, his girlfriend and their dog spent a year traveling in an RV before settling down and are happily raising their first son!