"Look What RC Did to Me" Gallery

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WOW! Stoked on the artwork that sprung from the "Look What RC Did to Me" 2022 livery contest. Take a minute and browse all submitted photos before casting your vote here. These RC artists definitely put in the work showcasing each of the limited edition designs and the end results are exactly what we were looking for-bringing unique style and colors to the scene- and cleanly done! Make sure your favorite body gets recognized. Remember one of EACH livery design will make it to the Top 3 and a final winner will then be voted on. A fat $150 cash value prize awaits the final winner! Official Contest Rules below. Thank you all!

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"All Big Everything"
"Scrape Groundz"

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"Look What RC Did to Me"

With the drop of 3 custom livery RC Supremacy designs, we are excited to announce our first contest starting January 15th, 2022! These liveries are LIMITED EDITION. Nine (9) of each design will be released. Please read the directions below. 

1. Purchase a minimum of ONE (1) of the limited edition liveries shown below and here.
2. Apply livery to a 1/10 scale RC drift body.
3. Upload your photo to Instagram or Facebook and use hashtag: #LookWhatRCDidtoME AND tag @RCSupremacy
We are hoping to see immaculately built, painted detailed and/or accessorized works of art! 

FANS will vote on the best 1/10 scale body with livery used for EACH of the 3 designs. The best of EACH of the livery designs will be announced in the "Top 3".
Heighten your chances of a "Top 3" spot by purchasing more than 1 design.
Once the "Top 3" have been established, FANS will vote on the final WINNER. 
The WINNER of the "Top 3" will be announced at the end of the contest through a RC Supremacy YOUTUBE video!

We understanding building and/or painting bodies can be a process. We will announce official dates for voting via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and here!!!

The best overall WINNER in the contest will receive a FAT care package consisting of a 1/10 body of their choice from the website, scale accessories and a set of DS racing tires! Value will exceed $150!

Don't worry, we have something planned for 2nd and 3rd place as well.
Please reach out to us via the contact page, if you have any questions or comments. Good luck everyone!

The 3 RC Drift body livery designs can be found here. A preview of each of the designs are below.

These are the #LookWhatRCDidtoMe contest details and limited edition, eligible liveries.