Variable ESC plate (various colors) (R31S305)

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(R31S305) Variable ESC plate (various colors)

〇Applicable chassis

: GRK Global Series including GRK5
, GRK4
, GRK3 , GRK-M 〇Product Description ESC plate set that uses a 3-piece split structure. Traction performance has been improved by mounting the heavy ESC (amplifier) ​​on the back of the gearbox. In particular, for GRK-M, by installing this product and mounting the ESC outside the main chassis, the degree of freedom in mechanical layout increases. By combining the M3 aluminum spacer and screws (sold separately), it is possible to attach the ESC mount plate alone to the front of the gearbox, or to connect the gear differential case and rear diffuser with a single base block. It can correspond to various drifting scenes. (R31S305) Variable ESC plate (each color) 〇 Applicable chassis ・GRK5 ・GRK4 ・GRK3 ・GRK Global Series including GRK-M 〇 commodity explanation An ESC plate set that uses a 3-piece split structure.