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Full model change with most parts renewed. This time, his L.C.S.-Load Control Style- which specializes in horizontal front midship layout. A real drive chassis that manipulates the load is completed.
■ Newly designed Short10 compatibility main chassis V2 (2.0mm thick) that maximizes rebound.
■ 245-260mm wheelbase adjustment is possible, compatible with Addiction’s real grade body.
■ Layout the mission mounting position about 40mm backward than before. We have optimized the mass balance.
■ Motor layout that can be changed to LOW (15 degrees), MID (45 degrees), and HI (70-90 degrees). You can also fine-tune the angle.
■ By changing the left and right motor mounts/gears, it is possible to change to anti-torque and positive torque specifications.
■ 2.0mm thick upper deck made of carbon with 2-piece structure that secures freedom of motor layout.
■ Equipped as standard with a horizontal high-mount type short lipo battery holder with the same specifications as the FR-D V6.
■ Newly designed shock tower for high-upper, light weight slide rack that was originally set as OP, and VX-DOCK 2.5 slide steering system with 3D moving mechanism as standard equipment.
■ Two bevel gears are combined with steel and POM machined specifications. Reduce gear noise and drive loss.
■ Suspension standard conforms to YD-2. Suspension mount for YD-2 or YD-2 compatible standard can be used.
Plus package including VX Gear Bulk Ver.2/Dual Composite Rear Shock Tower V3 is also available.
TRAVIS 2 LCS Chassis Kit Configuration:
-Short10 compatibility chassis V2 (2.0mm carbon)
2-piece 2.0mm carbon upper deck
-VX-DOCK2.5 slide steering system
– New drive mission unit
●Universal center shaft
– Spur gear holder
-Battery holder set for horizontal short lipo
● 3x50mm suspension shafts (4 front and rear)
*Includes Plus package only (VX Gear Bulk Ver.2 / Dual Composite Rear Shock Tower V3 included)
Mainly required separately to complete the chassis
■ Front and rear suspension set (suspension arm/YD-2 series suspension mount/knuckle/turnbuckle/axle/rear universal shaft/ball end, etc.)
■ Cantilever type upper arm ■ Front and rear dampers ■ Servo horn ■ Drip package differential ■