SHIBATA DR high performance motor 10.5t/13.5t/15.5t (DR-HPM)

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(DR-HPM) SHIBATA DR high performance motor

Adopts the latest stator that realizes smooth throttle feel.

The motor case with the ⚡SHIBATA⚡DRIFT RACING TEAM logo adopts a bold 2-piece structure and has excellent cooling performance.

〇Recommended road surface
・10.5T: Suitable for asphalt and carpet roads.
・13.5T/15.5T…Suitable for surfaces with low grip such as P tiles and colored concrete.

〇 Main introduction
・Corresponding voltage: 3.7V to 8.4V
・Maximum RPM: 27,942RPM (10.5T)/22,123RPM (13.5T)/18,900RPM (15.5T)
・KV value : 3,987 (10.5T) / 3,182 (13.5T) / 2,700 (15.5T)
・Rotor diameter: 12.3mm
・Advance angle: 40°

〇 Contents
・Motor body
・Sensor cord (wiring length: about 150 mm)