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[0639-40] [0639-FD]

Full length adjustable adjustable shock top
Adopted a full-length shock top with general-purpose ball-end mounting specifications that enhances the flexibility of vehicle height adjustment. The air chamber is expanded compared to the old version. Install a screw type hole that allows you to select opening and closing of the atmosphere.
High-precision Kashima-coated cylinder case
Kashima coat treatment that provides excellent wear resistance and lubricity.
Piston compatible with mineral/silicon oil
0.7mm diameter x 6 hole machined Duracon piston with optimized damping. In addition, 6 pre-drilled holes are provided on the inner circumference so that additional holes can be drilled.

X-shaped O-ring
X-shaped O-ring that achieves excellent sealing performance and smooth operation
SG shock shaft guide V2
The threaded part has been shortened by 2mm while maintaining the standard shaft length of 28mm. As a result, the stroke has increased by 2mm, making it easier to tighten the short ball end all the way to the base.

*Spring ends and ball ends are not included with this product.
*This product is a standard cylinder. It is not a big bore specification.