Separate Battery Holder Carbon fiber (R31S035)

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(R31S035) Separate Battery Holder Set
〇Applicable car model
・GRK5 (genuine parts)
・GRK Global Series including GRK-M (*)

(*) Compatible with our company's carbon main chassis (cannot be installed on the resin main chassis because the mounting method is different.)

〇 commodity explanation

A separate battery holder that can be attached and detached with one touch brings out the original performance of the chassis without interfering with the bending of the main chassis.

It is a set product that comes with a set of screws, spacers, O-rings, etc. necessary for mounting on the chassis body (*)

*[DR-B3800] Compatible with SHIBATA DR high performance battery.
If you use a battery made by another vehicle, please adjust it with a spacer etc. according to the actual size.

〇 Contents
・Two separate battery holders (lower side)
・Two separate battery holder plates (upper)
・[R31G019] 2 battery posts (aluminum)
・[R31G043] O-ring 4 pieces
・[R31M077Bk] 8 aluminum spacers 3.0 x 3 mm thick (black)
・[R31M076BK] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 2mm thick (black) x 2
・[R31B072BK] Aluminum 3mm countersunk washer S (black) x 2
・[R31M116] M3 nylon nut 4 pieces
・[R31M115] Countersunk screw M3 x 15mm 4 pieces
・[R31M112] Countersunk screw M3 x 8mm 2 pieces
・[R31M109] Button screw M3 x 10mm 2 pieces