(R31S037) GS2 EVO Premium Carbon Conversion Kit

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(R31S037) GS2 EVO Premium Carbon Conversion Kit

〇Applicable car model
・GRK Global Standard 2 EVO
・Other GRK Global Series (RWD specification)

〇 commodity explanation
Introducing a carbon conversion kit that enhances the fighting power of the GRK GS2 EVO!

The 2.5mm thick main chassis has undergone a drastic change in shape and added slit processing to achieve maneuverability on any road surface.

The "SHIBATA DRIFT RACING TEAM" logo is engraved to enhance the premium feel.

The 3mm thick flex upper deck is designed to increase pitching rigidity while flexibly capturing the road surface in the roll direction.

This conversion kit, which supports optional parts that will appear in the future, will further expand the possibilities of the GRK GS2 EVO.

*This product is compatible with the [R31S317BK] GRK4 steering rack unit.

〇 Contents
・GS2 EVO Premium Carbon Main Chassis (2.5mm thick) x 1
・GS2 EVO premium carbon upper deck (3mm thickness) 1 sheet

〇 Precautions when installing
This product cannot use the GS battery post that comes with the GRK GS2 EVO kit.

sold separately
[R31S035] Separate battery holder set
[R31G018] Battery holder compatible with carbon chassis such as battery holder
is required separately. (*)

(*) When using a long type battery, it is only possible to use the [R31S035] separate battery holder set.