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CURRENTLY LP86 Ti Spec kits are PREORDER and will fulfill first week in JULY. Thank you

By popular request, House of RWD has dropped their Pro spec'D Precision Titanium hardware in M3 sizing- We sought after the highly durable, extremely light weight GR2 titanium. Preciously color treated to individual uniqueness, we bring you hardware worthy of being on your beloved chassis. Always know, with House of RWD, you’re always FULLY LOCKED on FACTORY SPEC!! All M3 x 2mm Hex head in a variety of sizes

Please choose an option below for the exact chassis spec you are after. Please note, that all chassis kits have different screw counts and some have upwards of 200pcs in each kit, where some have 120 for example. Price will reflect the amount of hardware and chassis you select. Please note, each size has the exact amount necessary for your chassis. Individually bagged and tagged in there size, you will find Button head and Flathead bagged and labeled separately.

Reve'd RDX Titanium kit - 182 pcs

D-Like ReR hybrid Titanium Kit- 113pcs

Yokomo MD1 Master Drift Titanium kit- 92pcs

Shibata R31 GRK EVOII Weight shift Package- 104pcs