OmG POLARIS DR 120A X3 ESC (Programmable)

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OmG's latest ESC to their line up is the POLARIS DR 120A X3 ESC, boasting a ton of great options and big boost, you can bet on yourself for a podium finish! Fully Programmable Via programmer (Not included) 

Product Parameter:

Continued Current:120A

Burst Current:760A

Supported Voltage:2-3S lithium battery

BEC Output:6-5V/3-5A Linear regulator mode                               

Fan Operating Voltage:5V@0.16A, Max:13V(Direct voltage from battery without DC regulating)

Motor Connection Line:12 AWG

Battery Connection Line:12 AWG

Dimensions(Including fan):41x39x32mm

Weight(Including accessories):112g                                                          

Motor Type Supported:Sensored brushless mtors   

Cars Applicable:Drifts/on-road cars/ off-road cars                             

Mode options available:

1 Three operating modes

2 Drag brake force

3 Low voltage protection

4 Startup mode

5 Maximum braking force

6 Maximum Force Reverse

7 Initial brake

8 Throttle Neutral Dead Zone

9 Boost timing mode

10 Timing start time

11 Overheat protection

12 ?

13 Variable timing starting speed

14 Turbo on delay

15 Boost timing acceleration

This ESC does come with wiring but will need soldering performed!