OmG M3 GRYO Micro Drift

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Current Drain: 20mA/6V            

Operating temperature: -10C+50C       

Operating Voltage: 3.7-8.4V       

Control System: PID Control System 

Input Signal: PWM (50-333Hz)/SANWA SHR; SSR/FUTABA S.BUS

Dual Gain Mode: Normal/Sensitive Mode          

Output Signal: 1520uS (50Hz/333Hz) / SANWA SSR

Input & Output Plug: JST1.5mm(attached the signal input cable to connect with receiver)


LED                                          Status                                                  Gain Adjustment Method

Red Fast Flash                         Initialization                                                    /

Orange Fast Flash                   Loss of Control Signal                                    /

Yellow-green Solid Light         Normal Gain Mode                            Gain Signal Input

Yellow-green Slow Flash         Normal Gain Mode                            Potentiometer Adjustment

Red Solid Light                        Sensitive Gain Mode                          Gain Signal Input

Red Slow Flash 3 Times           Normal/Sensitive Mode Set                         /

Orange Slow Flash 3 Times     Forward and Reverse Gain Set                     /

Orange Slow Flash                  Travel Set Mode                                            /


EPA (Travel Setting)

Press  the  switch  to  power  on,  orange  slow  flash,  enter  into servo travel set mode,  rotate the remote control steering to make the servo 

stop  at  the  required  position ( to  left or  to  right).  Short  press  the switch,  orange  light  fast  flash 2  times,  red  solid  light, then yellow-

green  slow  flash,  it  means current travel has been saved. Rotate the remote  control  steering  again  to  make  the  servo  stop  at  another 

required position, short press the switch, orange light fast flash 2 times,  then  solid light, it means current travel has been saved as well. 

After  2  seconds  gyro  enter  into  initial ization   automatically ,  once completed, gyro is ready for use.

Reset (Travel Restore Default Setting)

Press  the  switch  to  power on to travel set mode, hold press switch 3 seconds ,  red  light  and  yellow-green  flash  alter nately .  Restore  to 

default   after   2   seconds .  Then  enter  into  initialization ,   once  the initialization  process  has  been  completed,  the  gyro is ready for use.

Gyro Direction (Forward and Reverse Gain Setting)

In the  normal working state, hold press switch 4 seconds, orange light slow flash 3 times, reverse gain direction.

Dual Gain Mode Set

In  the  normal  working state, fast press switch 2 times, red slow flash 3 times, change normal mode/sensitive mode.


PWM (50-333Hz) suitable for most remote control systems, while plug-in  the  gain wire,  it  can  adjust  the  sensitivity  by  transmit- ter(See 

PIC 1);  While  do  not  plug-in  the gain wire, it can adjust the sensitivity by the potentiometer of gyro itself (See PIC 2).

FUTABA  S.BUS  suitable  for  FUTABA  S.BUS control systems. When use S.BUS  signal  input,  default  CH3  channel  for  sensitivity  adjustment, 

and the gain wire is not used.

SANWA  SSR/SANWA  SHR  suitable  for  SANWA  control  system,  when use  SSR / SHR  signal  input,  the  output  signal  adapts  to  SSR / SHR 

signal automatically.

REMARK:SAMWA  SSR  signal only for SSR servo, may cause permanent damage to the regular servo.


Through  remote  sensitivity  channel  to  adjust  sensitivity) by default when SBUS input), the range is -100% ~ 0 ~ +100%.

A:0 means sensitivity zero     B: -100% / +100% is maximum sensitivity.

While  not used gain wire to input, they gyro is in normal mode only, use .potentiometer of gyro to adjust sensitivity, yellow-green slow flash.