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Technical Spec


Power wire spec: 12#160mmx2

Motor wire spec: 12#160mmx3

Power plug: none

Output plug: none

Basic Spec

Continuous output current: 160A

Peak output current (instantaneous): 760A

Battery cells: 2-3s lipo

BEC output: 6V/7.4V adjustable/4A

Programming Type

Parameter programming : Free ESC1 APP (Android & Apple APP)

Firmware online upgrade: supported

ESC size: 37x38x31.5mm

ESC weight: 101g

 Product Feature:

1、32-bit microprocessor with more powerful processing capability and more accurate motor output.

2、Full aluminum case with highly efficient heat dissipation system and strong current resistance capability.

3、Plenty of adjustable parameters supports most types of racing.

Reverse mode   BOOST timing   TURBO TIMING   Throttle descent   Braking curve   Throttle response

Running mode   Braking frequency    Throttle attenuation    Braking response    BOOST triggering mode  

Throttle midpoint width    Forward braking force

4、The ESC has a built-in maximum BEC output current of 10A. The output voltage is adjustable at 6.0V/7.4V, easily meeting various powerful servos and high-voltage servos.

5、With Real-time data recording function, which supports real-time checking of ESC maximum temperature, motor speed, voltage, timing and other datas.

6、New software design with ultra-smooth startup and precise throttle linearity.

7、Bluetooth module is connected to adjust parameters and upgrade software through the mobile APP ( Supports real-time parameter adjustment. No need to restart the ESC )

8、Multiple protections: high-voltage protection, low-voltage protection, throttle signal loss protection, stall protection and over-temperature protection


1.  Reset  password :  When  the  ESC  turns on,  press  and holding  the power button around 10 seconds, the ESC will restore  the  Bluetooth  password  to  default  setting 0000.

2. With RCOMG Bluetooth, connected the RCOMG  app to the  ESC, the user can program parameters, upgrade firmware and check the real-time data of the ESC on the APP.

3. Due  to the  range limit of  Bluetooth, the operational distance is around 10 meters.(If there are many metals or other  strong  interference  signals  or obstacles around will short 

the operational distance)

4. The Bluetooth name can not be changed.

5. The  Bluetooth  connecting  will  be  failed during the ESC throttle calibration process.

Throttle Calibration

1. Connect  the ESC with the battery and receiver well, then turn on the transmitter.

2. Press and holding the power button until the blue LED is on  solid, the  motor  have  a  long  beep  at the same time, then  release  the power button, the red led will be on solid, 

the ESC enters to the calibration mode.

3. Pull the  throttle  trigger  to  the full throttle position, the blue led  blinks  three times and the motor beeps once, the full throttle position is saved.

4. Push the throttle  trigger  to  the full  brake  position, the blue led blinks three times and  the motor beeps twice, the full brake position is saved.

5. Release the throttle  trigger  to  the neutral  position, the blue  led  blinks  three  times  and  the  motor  beeps three times, the throttle calibration is completed.

6. The ESC can support  reverse  throttle  calibration,  if the transmitter  throttle  set reverse  (it  means pull the throttle will go to 1000 throttle position/normally is 2000, and push the

throttle  will  go to  2000  throttle  position/normally is 1000), then you do the throttle calibration the same way as usual (as above), it will not have any effects on the ESC  for

ward and revers  way  even  if  the  transmitter  throttle set reverse.  Remark: No need to  restart  the  ESC again  after  throttle calibration finished. Do  not  move  the  throttle during 

the time of the blue led blinks. 

Android App downloading procedure

l.Scan  the QR code to download the App ( the name of the app is ESC1) with  any  search  engine.

2.Click “ download ” “ install ”“Open”and  choose allow to all the pop-upquestions  to turn on 

Location Services & Bluetooth on  your  phone, and  then click “Connect” to connect  the ESC.

iPhone App downloading procedure

l.Search for  “ESC1 in  the App Store  or  scan  the   QR  code  to download  and  install  the App.

2.Turn on Location Services & Bluetooth on your phone, open the  App / ESC1  and then click“Connect”  to connect the ESC


bluetooth programmer name : BLE-AD0B80E4-C284

The factory default password for  Bluetooth  is  0000  (with the  ESC  powered  on ,  

press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to reset it to factory default ).

OMG-POLARIS DR-160AX4 Manual (