[DL428] VM Shock Piston (for Re-R HYBRID's)

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[DL428] Re-R HYBRID Standard & 3.5 damper (4 pieces)
(Variable magic) Variable
damping force system / piston

● It follows small vibrations firmly and makes a smooth ride!

● When moving up and down by about 0.8 mm, the damping effect in the 16 holes makes the movement in the contact vibration range between the tire and the road surface soft and improves the follow ability with the road surface.
(Initial operation performance (reaction) will be significantly improved.)

● When moving up and down by 2 mm or more, the damping effect will be obtained in 8 holes and the damping
will be stronger, so the control of the car body and the control of the reaction force of the spring will be firmly controlled

0.8 mm . The damping force of ~ 2mm fluctuates smoothly and fluidly. For