[NEW] [DL480-2] Mechanical Turbo Fan ver.2

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This is a new and improved version!

Black/Red/Purple items will be shipped in order of reservation from the 29th.
*Only the bronze color is currently in production and will be in stock at a later date.
Please note that if you make a reservation with other colors, the item will be shipped in line with the arrival of the bronze color.

Introducing a highly durable mechanical fan! !
Cool the motor with intake → compression → exhaust! !

Utilizes Re-R HYBRID's MIB SYSTEM mechanism to turn the Turbo Fan and cool the motor.

It becomes a 20T pulley integrated fan, and the fan rotation speed is doubled! !
The increased fan speed increases air volume and optimizes the feeling of pitching control using the MIB system.

*MIB SYSTEM is the mechanism used in Re-R HYBRID.
Utilizes rotational moment to scale down the mass moment of inertia of an actual vehicle to 1/10 the size.
This makes it possible to create the "heaviness", "movement", and "operability" of a 1/1 scale actual vehicle! !