HI-FLEX Reve'D RDX CarbonFury Competition Conversion

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HI-FLEX OVERVIEW The Hi-Flex offers a higher baseline flex-level compared to the Lo-Flex Tuneable flex: Configure between ‘high flex’ & ‘highly rigid’ modes Tune deck flex according to your driving style and track surface Tune flex by installing (or removing) standoffs between the lower deck and upper rails High flex mode: High cornering grip, high corner exit speeds, and high stability Highly rigid mode: Increased rear-end responsiveness and more direct handling Lightweight lower deck (40 grams - 53.5% lighter than stock) DDSS compatible YD2 gearbox compatible YD2 front bumper compatible Lengthened servo mounting slots Easy install - directly replaces the stock deck, no additional parts necessary Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Available in Standard 256mm Wheelbase as well as REAL GRADE 240mm