GRK5 Racing Short Bumper (R31S074)

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(R31S074)GRK5 Racing Short Bumper

This is a front bumper exclusively for GRK5 that is compatible with the mounting holes provided on the GRK5 aluminum nose cone.

While retaining the minimum functionality as collision protection equipment
Separate body mount specifications became mainstream
Intended for use with modern competition machines.
We have completely removed all unnecessary functions.

This was previously impossible
Achieved thorough weight reduction of the front overhang.
You can expect improved initial turning performance.

〇Compatible chassis
GRK5 exclusive parts *1.2
*1…Cannot be installed on anything other than GRK5.
*2...To install this product, two M3 x 6mm flat head screws are required separately.

〇Precautions when installing
Not compatible with body post installation.
It is necessary to separately prepare a type of body mount that can be attached to the damper stay.