GRK5 Aluminum knuckle for rear A arm (various colors) (R31S326)

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(R31S326)GRK5 Aluminum knuckle for rear A arm (various colors)

The aluminum knuckle for the rear A-arm, which was first adopted as standard on the GRK4, has been slightly changed to match the GRK5.

In order to correspond to the geometry adopted in GRK5, we have optimized the height of the toe control mounting part and reviewed the rigidity of the knuckle body.

〇Compatible car models
・GRK5 genuine parts
・GRK4 compatible option (*)
・Global 2 compatible option (*)
・GRK- M compatible option (*)
・(R31G080)GRK GS2 RWD rear A-arm conversion kit equipped vehicle
*…Limited to rear A-arm specification vehicles.