GRK-M Ver.2 Conversion Kit (225mm WB)

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*The image shown is a sample vehicle that combines the necessary parts.
Parts other than this product are not included.

〇Product Description
The popular M size RWD drift conversion chassis "GRK-M" is
now available as Ver2!

★New shape main chassis inherited from GRK4★
Chassis shape inherited from GRK4. We have achieved overwhelmingly high rigidity and optimized the roll points of the front and rear sections.

The mounting position of the front suspension mount has been changed to match the characteristics of the M chassis.

★New shape ``Flex Style Upper Deck'' ★
Achieved flexibility in the roll direction while maintaining pitching rigidity.

The steering rack fixing holes on the upper deck have been changed to 4 locations.
This allows the optional GRK3 steering rack (currently discontinued) to be installed without any modification.

★Review of carbon material★
Both the main chassis and flex style upper are made of 3mm thick pure carbon with higher rigidity.

〇 Compatible chassis
- GRK Global Series (RWD specification)

〇 Accessories
- GRK-M ver.2 main chassis
- GRK-M Ver.2 flex style upper deck
- GRK-M body post mount (aluminum 2 pieces)
- M2 x 10mm screws (2 pcs)
, M3 x 12mm button screws (2 pcs)
, GRK-M front bumper

〇 Notes when converting this product
- The battery post used for the resin main chassis cannot be used. Can not do. Please use a battery holder and battery post that are compatible with carbon chassis.

This product is compatible only with short type batteries. Long type or separate type batteries cannot be used.

-This product does not include [R31W225] GRK plates (large and small).

・By changing the mounting position of the lower arm and knuckle, it is possible to change the wheelbase arbitrarily between 210 mm and 239 mm (*) (

*) When using our A-arm conversion kit (R31G079 & R31G080)