GRK embedded color plate set (large/small) (Various colors)

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GRK embedded color plate set (large/small) Various colors

〇Applicable chassis
Applicable to all GRK upper decks except the first generation GRK (*Note ①, ②)

*Note ①…Limited to vehicles using our company's upper deck.
*Note ②...Two large plates are used for the vertical upper deck of GRK4.

〇Product description
This is a color plate set that is embedded in the upper deck of the GRK series.
A set of 2 plates: a plate with the "GRK" logo (large) and a plain plate (small).

Can be used on all upper decks that are compatible with the GRK emblem of GRK2-4, GRK Package, GRK Global & Global Standard Series.

*The GRK emblem for GRK3, 4, and 5 is a special alumite color, so the color will be different from this product. please note.