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This Atomic RC Grease set is a game changer for those who like to keep their cars in tip top shape and tinker with tuning. It makes the job that much easier when you have the right tools for the job!

This is a deluxe box set of 6 types of grease:

  • OIL504 #45000 damper grease (good for High grip EVA foam tracks)
  • OIL503 #35000 damper grease (recommand for high grip track surface)
  • OIL503A #25000 damper grease (good for carpet or low grip tracks)
  • OIL505 #15000 damper grease (good for Drift or low grip surface)
  • OIL502 high viscosity ball differential grease (increase stablility of car)
  • OIL501 high viscosity thrust bearing grease (increase stablility of car)