Gear Differential Set for GRK

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(R31W271) Gear Differential Set for GRK
〇 compatible vehicle
・GRK Global Series

〇 commodity explanation
It is a gear differential set developed to fit the gearbox after GRK3/GRK Global series.

By changing the combination of the 2 types of ring gears and 3 types of dry cups that are included

Our bevel gears from 10T to 18T are available.

〇 Precautions when wearing
①In the case of a type that attaches a screw to the tip and fixes it (GRK Global Series standard)
Standard button screws may interfere with the tip of the screw and the gear differential body.
At the same time, it is necessary to change the screws that fix the bevel gear to R31W251 M2.6×5mm flat screws.

*In the case of GRK4/GRK5, flat head screws are installed as standard, so there is no problem.

②For clearance adjustment between gears
[R31M135] 10x1 washer
[R31M023 or R31M033] 10×0.1 Shim
is required separately.