(Futaba or Sanwa) Adjust Range Servo Horn F 18-25mm (Purple)-Wrap-Up Next [0647-FD]

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(Futaba or Sanwa) Adjust Range Servo Horn 18-25mm (Purple) Wrap-Up Next 0645-FD

The pioneer of the length-adjustable servo horn, the long adjustable servo horn has undergone a full model change with a new design.

The strength is greatly increased compared to the conventional model, and the length can be adjusted in the range of 18mm-25mm with highly visible laser markings.

Due to its compact design, it can be used not only for VX-DOCK2 but also as a versatile servo horn.

F type is compatible with Futaba/ReveD/Yokomo.

S type is compatible with Sanwa/KO.

Available in 3 colors: black, red, and purple.

* When fixing the pillow ball, be sure to put the included washer or equivalent in between. Locking may be insufficient if not used