[DL950-Z] RWD direct axle 840 system (for Re-R HYBRID)

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Repair parts for Re-R HYBRID ver. Zero.
*It can also be used with ver. pole knuckles, but in that case, bearings are also required.

<Set contents>
・RWD Front axle (2 pieces)
・Front axle adapter small (2 pieces)
・Front axle adapter (2 pieces)
・M2.6x5x0.5mm washer (2 pieces)
・M2.5x6mm screw (different from the photo It may be a screw) (2 pieces)

Compatible bearings are
[DL268-Z] 4x8x3mm bearings
[DL934-Z] 4x8x3mm flange bearings
, and each HYBRID requires 2 each for the front.