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The Highly sought after Multi-Link is back and with just as limited production as the first batch! We will compliment the the product with a video well done assembly and run video once the product arrives. 

The Set contents:
・ Triangle arm block (A parts)
・ Triangle arm block (B parts)
・ 7 × 3 × 2mm washer
・ Pillow ball end long (penetration type)
・ Pillow ball end short (penetration type)
・ RF member set
・ Lower arm block
・ RR member
・ Rear knuckle R set
・ Rear knuckle L set ・
15mm joint
・ Hexagon
socket head cap screw ・ Hexagon socket head

 (When you receive it, you can replace it with the current suspension and assemble it so that you can run with a certain recommended geometry.)
* Installation is done by the customer.
* Instructions are not included.