[DL459] 3.5 Shock Damper Set (Short)

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Option 3.5 damper set for Re-R HYBRID

This is the [S] type.

☆★Derived conclusions★☆
●Smoothness from the initial operation!
●Long maintenance cycle!
●Stable damping force!
●Width of the setting spreads!

The diameter of the shaft is thicker than the standard one,
● When a load is applied from the lateral direction, the ground contact area is large and spreads over a wide area with a gentle radius
● Since oil is less likely to be pushed out from the contact point, the ↓↓↓↓↓ Since the oil film is maintained between the shaft and the O-ring, it protects the O-ring and
prevents dust from entering. It is easy to keep the airtightness in the cylinder. [Set contents] [DL256C] Shock cap [DL256D] Shock diaphragm [DL256H] Shock ball end/spring cup [DL256N] Shock adjust collar/O-ring cup [DL256P] Shock piston 8 hole [DL293W] Front spring [DL450] 3.5 shock Body S (hard anodized) [DL452] 5 x 2 x 1.7mm E clip