[DL447] VM Shock Piston (for TAMIYA TRF)

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For TAMIYA TRF (4 pieces) The
shaft hole is 0.7mm for easy adjustment. Adjust the holes as necessary.

(Variable magic) Variable
damping force system/piston

●Doing the work of
the tires Because the rubber tires of the actual vehicle
cannot absorb micro-vibrations in the area that the tires absorb, the hard tires of the drill radii cannot absorb
even small vibrations in this area. for a smooth ride!

●During vertical movement of about 0.8mm, due to the damping effect of the 16 holes, the
movement in the contact vibration area between his tires and the road surface will be softly damped,
and the trackability with the road surface will be improved.
(The initial movement performance (reaction) is greatly improved.)

When the vertical movement is 2mm or more, the damping effect of the 8 holes becomes stronger
. The damping force of ~ 2mm

fluctuates smoothly . [DL428] VM Shock Piston (for Re-R HYBRID) For Re-R HYBRID standard & 3.5 damper (4 pieces) VM-PISTON (Variable magic)