[DL446] VM-Piston (for YOKOMO Big Bore)

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For YOKOMO Big Bore (4 pieces)
(Variable magic)
Damping force variable system/piston

●Doing the work of the tire Because
the rubber tires of the actual car
cannot absorb microvibrations in the area that the tires absorb, the hard tires of the drilage cannot absorb
these vibrations. Smooth ride comfort by following even small vibrations in parts!

●During vertical movement of about 0.8mm, due to the damping effect of the 16 holes,
the movement in the contact vibration area between his tires and the road surface will be softly damped, and
the trackability with the road surface will be improved.
(The initial movement performance (reaction) is greatly improved.)

When the vertical movement is 2mm or more, the damping effect of the 8 holes becomes
stronger. The damping force of ~2mm fluctuates

smoothly . [DL428] VM Shock Piston (for Re-R HYBRID) For Re-R HYBRID standard & 3.5 damper (4 pieces) VM-PISTON (Variable magic) Variable damping force system piston 

moving up and down about 0.8 mm
The movement in the contact vibration range between the tire and the road surface becomes soft damping.
Improves followability with the road surface.
(Initial operating performance (reaction) is significantly improved)

● When moving up and down by 2 mm or more, it becomes a damping effect with 8 holes.
Since the damping becomes stronger, the control of the car body and the control of the reaction force of the spring are firmly controlled.

The damping force of 0.8mm ~ 2mm fluctuates smoothly in a fluid manner.Details

are also introduced on the blog .We