[DL197-2] Spring for lever ratio 1 34mm (11.25 rolls) (0.047kgf/mm)

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A spring specifically designed for a lever ratio of 1:1, developed in search of supple movement and traction with a lever ratio of 1:1! !
*By using a soft spring rate with a longer overall length and preload, it is possible to maintain the vehicle height while taking advantage of the suppleness! !

Spring DATA

[DL196-2] 9.5 volumes
RATE 0.059kgf/mm
12.00mm 0.44kgf
18.00mm 0.85kgf

[DL197-2] 11.25 volumes
RATE 0.047kgf/mm
25.00mm 0.37kgf
18.00mm 0.70kgf

[DL198-2] 13. Volume 5
RATE 0.039kgf/mm
25.00mm 0.67kgf
18.00mm 0.58kgf