[DL158] Hopping Bone 4957 (for MST / YOKOMO etc. 2Φ pin axle)

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[DL158] Long type: Automatic adjustment type within 49mm-57mm! !!
[DL169] Short type: Automatic adjustment type within 43mm-51mm! !!

-Pre-quenched to ensure strength! !!
・ Relieve stress around the suspension! !! For positive foot specifications! !! For improving traction of RWD cars! !!
-The counterweight effect stabilizes the rotation of the shaft! !!
-No need for troublesome dog bone changes when adjusting the tread! !!
-The built-in spring tensioner constantly applies tension to the rotating shaft, so it absorbs the backlash of the suspension! !!
-The drive of the suspension with alignment changes such as the kingpin angle and trail amount is transmitted "firmly and smoothly"! !!
・ With the D-Like logo! !!

Anyway, the movement around the front and the way the power is transmitted become smooth, so it is effective for the Ketsukaki vehicle where the smoothness of the front is important.
Especially recommended for those who have a kingpin angle or trail! !