[DL510] Re-R HYBRID ver. Zero Matte Black RWD Drift Chassis

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They're here and ready for the scalest RC drifting you can throw at it, FOREVER! Literally, everybody's favorite and most cultured RC Drift company has just introduced their first RWD spec chassis kit in 10+ years of R&D! D-Like has blessed us with the Version.ZERO dedicated Rear Wheel Drive kit that features all of the companies proprietary parts and innovations we've come to fall in love with! This kit in entirely Aluminum and anodized and chamfered in the color you choose. Listed below are some of the improvements and additions they made from previous Hybrid models and what makes this different than past models! Moving forward, count on us at RC Supremacy to make D-Like more available in the states for everyone to enjoy! 
● Eliminated the dog bone on the
front to change the bearing size to a size with less rotational resistance.
● The design of the front lower arm is changed according to the RWD spec 
● The range of movement of the steering plate is expanded, Additional mounting holes to accommodate more steering angle
● Change front pulley from 40T to 37T
● Addition of belt tensioner
● Addition of rear damper length adjustment function and plate mounting
● Equipped with machined aluminum ball diff as standard
● Changed the shape of the front damper stay to Optimize the position of the damper mounting hole
● Changed the shape of the front bulkhead
● Added the steering post hole
● Changed the shape of the main chassis
● New design of the battery holder