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[DL414-2-BL] RWD Exclusive Real Dri MOTOR

Equipped with a newly designed high-quality sensor to create the smoothness and instantaneous power necessary to express the dynamism of drifting, as well as stability at high revs!
● High-quality rotors for stable rotation and controllability are individually balanced by hand.
● Cooling effect is achieved by using the air flow caused by the rotation of the rotor due to the shape design inside the case.
● All parts are made to withstand up to 200°C in order to withstand drift scenes that tend to be hot due to various conditions.


*Even if you make a reservation, if the total number of reservations is less than 500, we cannot produce it. In that case, the reservation will be canceled.
* Even if the number of reservations exceeds, you will have to wait for a long time before delivery.
*Orders cannot be placed together with regular products. In that case, we will cancel it here.

Please make a reservation only if you understand the above points.