BREVE–RD Spec Brushless ESC 1/10 DRIFT Electronic Speed Control 32-Bit w/ Bluetooth

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[Reve D] RE-BRV


BREVE – RD Spec Brushless ESC 1/10 DRIFT Electronic Speed Control 32-Bit w/ Bluetooth [Reve D] RE-BRV

[Product specifications]

■Continuous current: 160A
■Maximum current: 760A
■Input voltage: 2S-3S Li-Po
■BEC output: 6.0V 7.4V / 4A (BEC Switch)
■Product dimensions: L 38 / W 30.5 / H 16.5mm
■Weight: 48.5g
■Change settings: Use smartphone
■App support: Apple ios / Android
■Waterproof: Not supported ■
Recommended car model: 1/10 drift radio control
■Accessories: Removable power switch, large capacity capacitor, cooling fan, 14 gauge silicone wires

This is a high-power ESC that combines a high level of torque and overwhelming power that is perfect for RC drifting with high operability that responds linearly to throttle operation.
Not only does it have basic performance that will satisfy high-end users who want to win in competitions, but it also has pre-installed drift setting data supervised by Rêve D development staff Hayato Matsuzaki so that it can be used by users who are just starting RC drifting. You can enjoy the performance of “BREVE” immediately after installing it.
Changes to various data settings can be made instantly by connecting BREVE to a smartphone on which the dedicated app has been downloaded via Bluetooth. *Bluetooth is built-in and standard on “BREVE”.
By dividing the items into 5 items: “GENERAL”, “THROTTLE”, “BRAKE”, “BOOST”, and “TURBO”, you can quickly reach the item you want to change the setting, and you can easily set it with touch operations on your smartphone.
The full aluminum casing with high heat dissipation is a thin type with an overall height of 16.5mm, and a cooling fan is also included to comfortably support long-distance driving.
A removable push-type power switch and a large-capacity capacitor to suppress voltage drop are also standard equipment.
14 gauge black silicone wire is also wired to the motor and battery terminals.
Please try the RD Spec Brushless ESC “BREVE”, which is recommended for all users who enjoy RC drifting, from high-end users aiming for the top to beginners!