Aluminum extension spacer (Multiple Sizes) Black 2 pieces (DR-ES10BK)

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(DR-ES10BK) Aluminum extension spacer Black 2 pieces each package

This is an aluminum extension spacer (total length 10mm) that can be used for various purposes. It allows for large extensions

such as changing the damper mounting position and the height of the battery mount plate, which is difficult to do with just an aluminum spacer. It has female screws on both sides so that you can flexibly respond by changing the type and length of the screw to find the optimal screw depth that changes depending on the addition of a spacer or the location where you want to install it . Considering workability during fixing work, the shape has been devised so that tools can be applied to the end face of the spacer. Sold in a pack of two. Shaft maximum diameter (both ends)…Approx. 6mm Screw hole diameter…M3