AFRC Servo Programmer for AFRC Programmable

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AFRC-SP2103 Servo Programmer for AFRC Programmable Servo DIY Assembly Upgrading


It is the "Plug and Play" type USB program card, easy to use and program the AFRC servo. Pls note that this USB program card just can be used for AFRC servo with "PROGRAMMABLE" mark).
If you have doubt for AFRC servo you use, pls contact us for details.
Software download from here:


Model: AFRC-SP2103
Dimension: 53.8 X 23.4 X 9mm
Weight: 7.4g
1. Operating Voltage: USB(5V/500mA).
2. Operating System: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 /windows10 ( 32/64bit).
3. Application: AFRC Servos with "PROGRAMMABLE" marked.