Adjustable geometry Rear lower arm (each color) (R31S322)

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(R31S322) Adjustable geometry lower arm (each color)
〇 commodity explanation

The toe angle of the split-type aluminum lower arm can be adjusted by changing the amount of the spacer between them (*).

(*) [R31S303] A wide range of geometry adjustments are possible by using aluminum together with suspension mounts such as low-height adjustable suspension blocks.

〇 Corresponding hub carrier
[R31S323] Inset aluminum knuckle set
[R31G038] Rear Hub (GRK Global Series Standard)
[R31W335] GRK3 Rear Hub Carrier (*)
※…Since the mounting part of the lower arm is small, it is necessary to adjust the clearance using a spacer, etc.)

〇 Regarding the change in toe angle due to the amount of spacer.
Refer to the instruction manual attached to this product for reference values ​​and calculation methods.

The manual download site is the same as the parts manual for "R31S315 Adjustable Geometry H Arm System".

↓R31HOUSE each manual download site is here↓

〇 commodity contents
・Adjustable main lower arm for each color (2 pieces)
・Adjustable side lower arms for each color (4 pieces)
・[R31M076] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 2mm thick each color (4 pieces)
・[R31M078] Aluminum spacer 3.0 x 4mm thick each color (4 pieces)
・[R31G034] Outer suspension pin (2)
・[R31M127] Cap screw M2 x 4mm (4 pieces)
・[R31M145] Button screw M3 x 15mm (4 pieces)
・[R31W220] Suspension ball φ2.5 (4 pieces)