5x8x2.5mm Ultra Dry Coat Ball Bearings – 4 Pack - Wrap Up Next [0724-FD]

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5x8x2.5mm Ultra Dry Coat Ball Bearings – 4 Pack [Wrap Up Next] 0724-FD

The ultimate rolling feeling.
Adopts high quality bearings from Japan’s top brands.
Open type dry coat bearing intended for use with 850 series front knuckles. For 850 series front knuckles such as GX knuckles, GRK, and GALM.

The highest performance bearing was created for use with the 850 series front knuckle. Adopts high quality stainless steel open bearings from Japan’s top brand. After thorough degreasing using ultrasonic cleaning, a dry coat treatment is applied to reduce rolling resistance to the absolute minimum. Anyone can experience the best performance just by installing it.

*If durability is important, please use a low viscosity bearing oil. Degreasing again will reduce the performance of the dry coat. In that case, please use a commercially available coating agent of your choice.

Dedicated bearing spacer included
Compared to regular 850 bearings, it is designed to be 0.5mm thinner. Please install it together with the included special bearing spacer.

*Spare parts are set with 0725-FD.