4mm Banana/XT60 Plug To MR30-M Plug Charging Cable (2S Balance Charging)

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GT55 Racing 4mm banana plug/XT60 to MR30-M plug charging cable. Suitable for battery charging from 0.5A to 1.5A. Suitable for any 2S Lipo battery with PMR30-FC plug (balanced plug). This convenient charging cable allows you to connect a 4 mm banana plug or XT60C plug to the charger and the charger’s balance board. For the battery, we provide MR30-M interface for charging and discharging a battery pack.
Used for: battery charging

Material: Silicone wire

High quality silicon wire 24AWG wire

Note: These cables are not recommended for charging higher than 2A

Total length: 16cm

GT55racing 4mm banana plug or XT60 to MR30-M plug charging cable (1 piece)