340mAh 7.6V 2s LiPo/LiHV HARDCASE Battery - Reflex Racing

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All New from Reflex Racing is an Industry first Hard Case LiPo!!! This battery is designed to fit into most modern 1/28 scale chassis. 

Why hardcase? Well, hardcase batteries have numerous benefits. Due to its design, a hardcase cuts down on connection points, uses more efficient plugs and thicker wire. These 3 elements drop the internal resistance of the entire circuit leading to better overall current flow, less heat loss and more performance. Couple that with the additional voltage capacity (these are safe to charge to 8.6v!) and the result is a sure fire winner.

Additionally, hard case batteries simply wire better. In categories like Pan Car, where wiring is a bit tricky to fit under the low slung bodies, the hardcase bullet to battery system opens up a tremendous amount of space under the body. 

Lastly, hard case batteries are also safer and tougher. Wires don't break at the exit of the shrink, so shorts are minimized and, the hard case also protects the cells from damage better, as well as isolates them from possible punctures or shorts caused by the chassis or impacts.

We recommend to charge the batteries at 1.0A


  • LxWxH: 44.5x19.7x13mm
  • Weight: 17g


  • 1 battery pack
  • 2 gold plated bullet plugs