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Drifting Beast Chassis Instruction Manual

Wheelbase 98-120mm adjustable

The newly designed frame db (drifting beast) officially launched in 2022

1. The whole car adopts a hollow design without a chassis, and adopts the method of lateral support.

2. Although metal materials are used in a large area, because of the large area of hollowing out, the effect of metal lightweight is achieved.

3. The position of the front shock absorber has been changed to the inside of the front of the car, avoiding the interference caused by the maximum steering of the front wheel to the greatest extent.

4. The rear adopts a straight bridge structure. When the center of gravity of the car is shifted, the contact angle between the rear wheel and the ground remains unchanged, and the same grip is always maintained. It can also be changed to a straight axle and a connecting rod. When the center of gravity is shifted, the contact surface between the rear wheel and the ground changes with the shift of the center of gravity. The basic version includes three sets of rear wheel cups, two corresponding to the straight axle mode and one corresponding to the semi-independent mode, so there is no need to buy them separately.

5. The body and the rear gearbox adopt an integrated structure.

6. The main part of the body is made of mirror stainless steel material, and a little polishing treatment will have a mirror effect.

7. There are four types of steering gear arms, large and short, as standard, which basically cover all the mosquito steering gears on the market.

8. Two types of motor bases are equipped as standard, supporting brushed 130 motors and non-inductive brushless, inductive brushless and other motors.

9. The frame does not need to install spacers, and the tightness of the swing arm can be adjusted by the tightness of the screws.

10. The left and right positions of the motor can be fine-tuned, the motor is centered, bid farewell to the effect of the crooked motor, and cure players with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

11. The rear straight axle wheel cup is adjustable, and the inner and outer eight can be adjusted at will. In the later stage, a telescopic dog bone will be introduced, and the rear wheel base can be adjusted without replacing the wheel hub.